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We conduct SAP IBP online training every weekend by real time IBP consultant. This training covers all the five IBP Modules in detailed level. Trainer who has more than 12 years of Experience working in APO and IBP, also shares his IBP implementation experiences, business scenarios, best practices and various important learning acquired during implementation of various modules in IBP. He has already trained more than 100 consultants in IBP from different places like the US, India, UK, Singapore, Dubai etc and received excellent feedback from them. Please refer the Syllabus and IBP Demo Video for more details on the course.

Next IBP Training Batch Date : 13th July, 2019

Training Mode : Online

Duration : 7 to 8 Weekends

Timings : Saturday & Sunday 8 AM IST to 10 AM IST ( 9:30 PM CST to 11:30 PM CST )

Training Content to be shared with participants :

  1. SAP IBP Books SAP IBP Books

2. SAP IBP Learning Material SAP IBP Learning Material


4. Important Links and IBP Videos

5. SAP IBP Certification Exam guidanceSAP IBP Certification Questions

Topics to be covered in IBP Training.

IBP Topics
1IBP Overview, Attribute, Master Data, Planning Area, Planning Level, Time Profile
2Keyfigure Types, Keyfigure Calculation, EPM Formatting, IBP Excel Planning View
3IBP Demand – MD for Demand, Forecasting, New Product Intro
4IBP Demand – Forecast Error Profile, ABC-XYZ Classification
5IBP Supply – MD for Supply, Heuristic
6IBP Supply – Optimizer Profile, All Costs, Supply Keyfigures
7IBP Supply – Optimizer & heuristics Scenarios
8IBP Response – SDI Overview, Staging Tables, Response PA
9IBP Response – Response Apps, Response Planning Run, Rules, Priority
10IBP S&OP –  Process Management, Scenario Planning, Version, JAM Collaboration
11IBP Supply Chain Control Tower – Custom Alerts & Case Management, Charts & Dashboards, 
12IBP Inventory Optimization –  IO Overview, Safety Stock Concept & Calculation
13IBP Inventory Optimization –  Master Data For IO, IO Operators, Output Analysis

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