1).Why would you use a virtual master data type?
a).To combine two or more independent simple master data types.
b).To create a join between two or more master data types.
c).To reference a master data type from an external source.
d).To reference an existing master data type.

2).You have a time profile defined with the levels day, week,month quarter and year.
What does PERIOD stand for?
a). year.

3).What is the minimum number of active calculations that a key figure can have?
a).The number of active calculations depends on the key figure type.
b).There must be at least 1 active calculation.
c).There are no restrictions on the number of active calculations for key figures.
d).There can be no fewer than 2 active calculations.

4) How many input planning levels can a calculation include?
a).There can be no more than 2 different input planning levels.
b).There are no restrctions on the number of input planning levels.
c).The number of input planning levels depends on the key figure type.
d).There can be only 1 input planning levels.

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