SAP IBP Trainer Profile


• Supply Chain Management professional with 12 years cross functional experience in SAP APO Implementation, IBP S&OP And Supply Implementation in Automotive,
Hi-Tech and Consumer Goods industries
• Associated with SAPKing since last 3 years for SAP IBP Training assignments.
• Trained 100+ consultants in multiple training batches of IBP including all 5 modules (Demand, Supply & Response, S&OP, Supply Chain Control Tower & Inventory Optimization)

• MS in Global Supply Chain Management from US


• IBP Model Configuration – Master Data, Attribute & Planning Objects Concepts, Key Figures calculation & different types of Key Figures, configure different Planning Operators & UOM Conversion, EPM Formatting, IBP Excel Planning View Features
• Attribute Transformation, Time Profile Creation, Aggregation and Disaggregation concepts and configuration, Planning Area Copy and Merge, Version Copy
• IBP Demand – Master Data for Demand Planning, Data Integration, NPI, Like Modelling, Realignment, Manage Forecasting Models and Assignment, ABC-XYZ Classification, Forecasts Error Profile, Demand Sensing, Charts & Dashboards
• IBP Supply & Response – Master Data for Supply, Heuristics, Optimizer Profile Creation, Safety Stock Planning, All Penalty Costs Concepts, SDI Inbound & Outbound Configuration between ECC and IBP, Special Key Figures Provided by SAP for Supply & Response, Response Priority Rules, Gating Factor Analysis, Special Apps For Response Planning, Confirmation Run, Constrained Forecast Run, Forecast Consumption Profile & Product Allocation, Charts & Dashboards
• IBP Inventory Optimization – Master Data for IO, Safety Stock Concepts, Forecast Error Profile for IO, IO Operators – Multi Stage IO, Calculate Target Inventory Components, Expected Lost Demand, Charts & Dashboards
• IBP S&OP – Process Template Creation, S&OP Process Creation, JAM Collaboration in S&OP Process, Task Management, What-If Simulation, Scenario Planning, Manage Permission Filters, Charts & Dashboards
• IBP Supply Chain Control Tower – Setup Custom Alerts, Subscribe to Alerts, Attach Excel Template to Alerts, Assign Alerts to Case, Creating Snapshot of Alerts, Charts & Dashboards


• MS (Global Supply Chain Management, US)
• MBA (Supply Chain Management, IIM)
• BE (Electronics & Communication)]


• IBP 300 (SAP IBP Advanced Configuration training at SAP Labs)

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